Welcome to Smart Ships Coalition

Great Lakes Fisheries 2021 IMG_0348The Smart Ships Coalition is a broad stakeholder community of academic, state and federal agencies, private and non-profit industry, and international organizations who share a common interest in the advancement and application of autonomous technologies operated in marine environments.

Smart Ships Coalition member organizations are working collaboratively to identify and address opportunities to apply autonomous technologies to improve how and what we do in the marine environment.  This includes the adoption of technologies and identification of navigational and operational obstacles, while collectively working toward solutions and innovation that enable more efficient and cost effective autonomous systems to support resource management, scientific discovery and navigation.

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Smart Ships Coalition members support cross functional working groups to allow for quicker and greater adoption of autonomy in marine environment operations.  As scientists, policy makers, resource managers, innovators, navigators, and educators, Smart Ships Coalition members seek to change the state of autonomous technologies and operations in marine applications where the state of adoption for autonomous technologies is lagging that of air and ground operations.  The Smart Ships Coalition seeks to learn from these industries, and international partner organizations, to provide quicker advancement in the marine environment in the Great Lakes region and US coastal oceans.