The Smart Ships Coalition is open to academics, state and federal agencies, private and non-profit industry, and international organizations who share a common interest in the advancement and application of autonomous technologies operated in marine environments. Membership can be obtained by submitting an expression of interest via email to There are currently no membership dues required to become a member of the Smart Ships Coalition.

Members of the Smart Ships Coalition will recognize the following benefits of participation.

  • Participate in working groups focused on key issues pertaining to autonomous marine technologies
  • Have representation in current and future regional, national, and international dialogue pertaining to autonomous marine technologies
  • Help identify and solve challenges that impact adoption of autonomous marine technologies
  • Be involved in shaping future policy affecting operation of autonomous marine technologies
  • Stay informed with news and updates and learn about current and future state of autonomous marine technologies
  • Attend periodic meetings and workshops with other stakeholders

The following working groups have been established to date in order to further collaboration in each of the respective interest areas. Participation in working groups can be requested within an expression of interest to be a member of the Smart Ships Coalition or by sending an email to Participation in working groups is open to individuals and organizations that are members of the Smart Ships Coalition.

Smart Ships Coalition Steering Group

This working group is concerned with providing direction and oversight for the Smart Ships Coalition including but not limited to coordinating membership, organizing workshops and other events, communications, public outreach and awareness, and sustainability of the Smart Ships Coalition.

Workforce Development, Education, and Training Group

This working group is concerned with all matters pertaining to current and future workforce development to support the needs of the autonomous marine technology industry, including education and training requirements to support the emerging workforce.

Technology Development and Applications Group

This working group is concerned with the technical arenas surrounding autonomous marine technologies including applications of autonomous marine technologies. This working group may formulate strategies for developing and testing new technologies, while collectively working toward solutions and innovation that enable more efficient and cost effective autonomous systems for the marine environment.

Autonomous Technology Operations and Policy Group

This working group is concerned with establishing recommendations for operations and policy pertaining to the use of autonomous marine technologies.  At this time there is no formal recognition of autonomous marine vehicles by the U.S. Coast Guard that defines how and where they can be operated (COLREGS). Operating practices and policies will need to be developed as autonomous vehicles become commonplace in the marine environment.

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